and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


of random ramblings 3

I like it when people are like: "I spend way too much time on Facebook."

And I'm just like: "I'm almost never on Facebook."

And they're like: "WTF HOW DO YOU STAY AWAY??"

But on the inside, I'm like:




We can always use a little hug.


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I need to stop feeling so complacent. Its literally eating me up. I wake up real late and study almost nothing in one day. All I remember is me flicking through the pages, skimming the headings and scribbling a few notes and that's it.


It's such a challenge studying at home. With the television on and Britain's Next Top Model every evening and awesome movies on HBO! I MUST figure out how to spend a quality study time. Like NOW. Or I'm just gonna have to smash the television.

Not kidding.



of random ramblings

Okay so i have read 6 freakin chapters of Etnik in 4 days (which for me is an accomplishment if i might add cuz usually it takes me one chapter per day lol) and gawd it feels like im reading the bloody school textbooks.

I think its about time to read something else. Haih.



lets sing the big bang song!

Our whole universe was in a hot dense state, then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started - wait! The Earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools, we built a wall (we built the pyramids). Math, science, history, unravelling the mystery that all started with the Big Bang!


floral tops anyone?

Fashion update woohoo!
 and this time it's flower power hoyeahhh!
This is XS, mind you. 
MINKPINK floral top from
A much more practical look.
Girly much? 

What is love?

To me its an intense emotion that is sustained by passion, drama, and trust.

Embrace it.


boys boys boys

They can never have enough of anything.

That basically sums up everything. Cheers.