and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


gone baby gone

yes today is the last day (i think) and it doesn't get any better than this! busy plans for the weekend. how can plans be busy? anyhow,gonna get myself wet for two days at A Famosa. yeah! :)
its been months ever since that soaking-ly wet screaming incident in Scream Park. was supposed to attend a friend's birthday party, but how can i say no to the boss(hint: dad) in my house? going balik kampung too. rindu kat nenek. :(

and best of all, mum said she's gonna get me a new phone. tu pun kalau sempat keringkan badan sebelum masuk kedai. so pray for me people.


p/s: gambar2 yg store dalam pendrive sume dah hilang. nak saman the company pun tak boleh cuz salah sendiri sbb tak reti jage. CPU rosak. shouldve thought about back up plans long time ago. my bad. well, so long as i have YOU.


the thing with Monalisa

Why on Earth does the fonts here come out really small?its tiny for godsake. not everyone has a microscope you know.

lets get to the point: i am in need of a helping hand from just about anyone to help me solve the unsolved puzzles of my dear Monalisa. anyone? lagi 500 lebih je lagi yg tinggal. dont worry bahagian tepi yg paling penting dah selesai, so yeah.. ;O
okay im not gonna lie. it is quiet tough sebab ade banyak parts that comes in around the same colour. well atleast the face is done. and the hands. having problems with the chest tho. especially the background. ceh. ingat nak siapkan foreground dulu. tapi skrg byk lagi background yang dah cover. oh yes im a very good procrastinator(did i get d spelling right?)

got my hair stuck with glue this morning.


so i have finally overcome the worst fear of all (at least for me); which is motorfobia (if there's such word). nak keluar sgt punya pasal, terpakselah bonceng motor adik. pheww! and amazingly enough, i survived throughout the whole journey without making a fuss when my brother decides to go 10km/hr faster each minute. haha. so hooray for me! :)

Terminator was one hell of a movie. Loud, nonstop action and no drama whatsoever. After all, its no laughing matter when the fate of human race lies in your hands. So you go John Connor!

I still have to find a good enough reason/s to why i couldnt stop watching horror movies and anything realated to it.

A reminder

When you're in a situation where you want to make a conversation and find yourself tongue-tied in the middle of a talk, or even in the beginning of the conversation, i reckon the best way is to ask something provocative; so there's room for other questions. Like, if you see someone biting their fingers;

DO NOT ask this : Does it hurt?
All you get is : Yes.

Try this instead : Do you enjoy biting your fingers?
That way, he/she will say : yes, i do enjoy biting my fingers very much. Thank you for asking. Its a guilty pleasure. Always have been and always will be.

Whoever said this was not about me? Of course it is.