and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


yes i'm engaged!

goodbye for now


one final say

so i got 7 more minutes before i head back home to help mum prepare for the barbeque tonight at home. argh. will be leaving for King George V tomorrow morning to get the abandoned sijil SPM in the dark corners of the school office.

Terminator, here i come! gosh, i miss you JJ!

congratulations to me

in need of a few more hugs and kisses as the Great Expectations of mine has finally been achieved!!!


its been weeks since my last visit to any social networking sites and my blog, so i reckon i should write something new and fresh, which is what i'd intended to do before i step foot into this loud and surprisingly comfortable cyber cafe near INTI. but for now i have nothing to write about. yes, i do blame it on the PMS cuz that seems to be the only reason why i decided to ruin other people's day lately. the victims include my precious loved ones and i am definitely not proud of giving them a hard time but honestly, it gave me a sense of pleasure, even for a little while.

god, punish me for i have sinned.

wth, all of that doesn't seem to matter anymore because PMS or crazy moody myra or not, i know that there's a special someone who's always been there for me,
just waiting for me to come back and become me again. So i apologize for all the unnecessary anger, sulk and among other silly "stunts" that i have pulled.


oh btw

i'd really LOVE to watch Carrie and The Exorcist and The Omen and Texas Chainsaw Massacre!!!
classic original ones, not remake.argh.internet pun takde.ade hati nak tengok. go buy a cheap VCD lah..Speedy ade kot

teramatlah bosan

argh. i spent half an hour just to ingatkan balik the username to my blog. naseb baik ade save dalam handphone. so yeah, that's what happen if you dont update your blog in weeks.. or months.. :O
so here i am sitting in the library at mum's office.. with cleo on the desk and a very sad, and not to forget; empty stomach..malas pulak nak pegi kantin. nak masuk balik library kene ade pass..argh..
thank god boleh bukak wikipedia and manga. oh yeah. Blogger too.. i think i'd travel all the way to my aunt's place just to read up on naruto..they have this Blocked Website feature on the computer system which prevents you from opening social networking sites like Facebook and such..argh..was really hoping to upload a few pictures.. haih..i miss my good ol computer, which is currently at home, tengah menunggu computer's inability to serve its purposes has given me more time to spend on HBO and books..which is good, right? cuz i dont think i can afford to raise extra lens powers..if you know what i mean..
so right now im waiting for the clock to strike one. which is lunch hour..wanna feed my desperate need of real, and not to mention, healthy food. not macaroni and cheese or muchrooom soup or maggee..ejaan tak sure..betul la kot.argh..
im being forgetful these days.huh..but its still too early for me to become nyanyuk.ok. i am outta ideas. i dont know what im crapping about..
nak sambung naruto lah.