and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


Let's bring down the eagles boys!

In support of our national football team, I'll scream my lungs out when we score a goal and throw profanities at the opposing team when they do.

Nah, there's no sportsmanship in that.

It's a game.

But I do believe that the
Malaysian tigers will ultimately bring down the Bung Karno Stadium tonight!

RAWRR! Not enough. 


Now if that doesn't scare the shit outta you, I don't know what will.


Vintageouss alert.

Visit me at my new baby blog here at:

V for Vintageouss


BBQ Night

My dad always make a big deal of having BBQ every year at home, so we just had to have one this Christmas.

and this is how we do it
Sutra and kak Emmy
muka kenyang. ;)

Viva la Africa!

Internet is human's most useful invention of all. evarr.

Most especially, Skype.
Now I can finally put it to good use. :)

Thank god for online chatting, its almost as if you haven't left the country!

Alice in red.

And who says redheads can never wear pink? ;)

Alice Burdeu.

Dig her looks, anytime. She has that perfect porcelain doll-like feature that's really refreshing and her dazzling fire-y red hair stands out, even in flames!

Tho when she actually started modelling her BMI is probably lower than mine, you can see her bones sticking out from her collar bone and all, she managed to gain more weight and is a size bigger than size zero. I never thought I'd say this out loud or ever, but she's a model and a role model. Well, for me atleast, cuz I've been trying hard to gain healthy weight and just seeing her come out looking a lot healthier than she originally was, and feeling good about herself, is to me, an inspiration. 


of Zooey.

zooey deschanel


I just adore her vintage inspired style.


Dihan & Nada's Baby Birthday 'Bash'!


i want more than just okay

So the reason I’m typing this is because I’m inspired by Switchfoot’s More Than Fine. The song is extremely catchy it’s just so hard to not hear it over and over again. However, as usual, this post has nothing to do with it.

Yesterday I did some soul-searching (gosh it sounds terribly lame on screen), and unsurprisingly I found myself talking to myself? Okay I have brought the word creepy to a whole new level. But yes, there were many things running through my mind and at some point I swear I made a little conversation with moi. Yes this, no this. Gah. Get out of my head already. I guess this is one of the shortcomings that come with being a loner, who has no one else to talk to, and would rather spend an entire day alone doing nothing more than reading and watching models run amok on TV. My bedroom is my sanctuary, and the only place where I can think peacefully, turn some loud music on and ignoring the world.

Honestly, if I had to choose between spending the day with a friend, I’d rather stay at home, you know, unless if I genuinely miss them. ;)

Friends and relationships can be messy. I can be a bit of a drama queen sometimes, but getting into a fight is something which I’d preferably stay away from. Sometimes being vulnerable is just too much to bear. Less is indeed better.

But yeah, it’s tough, especially when time is running out and you feel like you’re constantly worried about the amount of insufficient quality time that you have, or lack thereof.

As usual, I have a tendency to diverge from my storyline, which would make me a horrible writer, as most of you would have already figured. But I’m getting there. :D


of random ramblings 6

i wish i had an invisibility cloak so i could extract money from the ATM machine and runaway to Italy and feed on mac&cheese for the rest of eternity. gah.

someone just take me out already.


Mes nouveaux cheveux

so here goes my worldwide preview of my new short hair do!
haha. i think i rock the look. YEE-HAW!
cepat kering, jimat syampoo. ;) HIGH 5! 


musings of the troubled mind

It's a very lazy Sunday and I have done nothing productive. Well, yet. Be packing my junks away soon enough cuz I'll be headed home tonight. Say hello to home-sweet-home?

Ahh. :)

Anyway, I know this is probably the last thing anyone wants to read about, so don't really be bothered and go on open a new tab or whatever.

So, I've been contemplating on changing the whole look of my tumblr and today I finally did it. For the 3rd time. Let's just hope this one lasts, well, forever.

Added a hint of personal touch to it. No major renovations whatsoever. Tho it must be hard on some to locate it. My old one's more easy on the tongue.

I just adore this one the most. Nothing over the top. Minimal. Cause I'm simple that way.

Okay enough crap for the day.

I guess all we need is a lover's alibi ;)