and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


my diana mini petite noire

Finally! I am a proud owner of the Diana Mini Petite Noire! Here's a few pictures of the baby Diana, now resting beautifully on my bookshelf. :)

Look at how cute and small the Diana is. Fits perfectly in my hands!

Sleeky black.

The black box of greatness.

The Diana Mini Family.

Instruction manual for the toy camera.

The supercolourful Diana Mini booklet that came with the set.

Lomography films. I didn't know which would work best, so I decided to try out the Colour Negative ISO 800 and Redscale XR ISO 50-200.

Cable release for self-potraits.
I am currently still on my first roll of film, and it has been 4 days since i bought the camera. I'm hoping that when it's all developed and scanned, probably around next week, the effects are gonna be magical. I just couldn't wait to see the results. I think i might have burned a few films, was kinda clumsy on the first two tries, so yeah. Fingers crossed. Let's just hope that the pictures are going to turn out great. :)


In times of boredom, ramble!

I am currently, or to be honest, SUPPOSED to be finishing up assignments and going on field works for the special semester, which is, if I may say it again, SUPPOSED to start last week. Now it's the second week and here we are still clueless as to what to do during our free time in the University. Movies? Checked. Shopping? Checked. Pay bills? Checked. Balik kampung? Checked. Water the almost-dead-plants-at-home? Checked. Staring at random people in malls and laugh at them when they argue in public, or do something embarrassing but they don't realise it? Checked. The latter is pure evil, I know, but hey, FREE ENTERTAINMENT! hehe. People and the silly things they do amuse me so much I hardly ever need my friends to help me laugh. :p

Perhaps this is the reason why I like to wonder aimlessly by myself all the time.

I have managed to keep myself busy, or atleast 'pretending' to be busy on the weekdays (weekends I'm back being the couch potato that I am and I'll just enjoy whatever it is on Astro, munching away Dominos on the sofa. heaven.) but it is getting harder every day. I need to do something productive to keep me occupied throughout the day. Some of my friends have already started a part time job in restaurants, and department stores, but I can never really put myself out there and work for someone else. I am my own boss. I am the boss of me. And as vain as that may sound, I just hate routines. Tho if I am running low in cash, I might have to resort to getting an actual temporary job. Hmmmm. I'm having second thoughts about this. haha! But for now, I'm gonna let future myra to decide lol.

Here's some of the photos I took with my phone camera, I was actually trying out the different effects of the superbly brilliant and awesome photo apps ehehehe.

Muhammad with his PSP
Aiman with his signature long side burn.
The sepet-ness runs in the family. You'll see.

Beautiful brown butterfly caught dead as it flew a bit too close to the giant spinning fan.

Furious looking cat mom shooting me a 'Hey, don't you go mess around with my babies or I swear Imma bite! look.'

3 adorable baby kittens sleeping in a vase. if this didn't make you go: Awww, i dont know what will. :') CUTENESS!
Take a look inside my new fridge. NOT! Cleaned up the whole thing tip-to-toe and voila! An empty fridge with absolutely no food left innit!

1 of my favourite dish of all time: Mac & Cheese. Tho some people refer to this as junk food (clearly, these people have no tastebuds!)
My uneven cooked French Fries.
A smaller version of the Grandfather clock which I recently took the effort to hang on the wall by myself. yay!
Fake roses. They're still pretty on the eyes.
Dominos. The only thing I could stuff inside my mouth over and over again without feeling the need to barf.
Molten lava cake. I'm crazy about this. They're seriously delicious. Seriously.
My favourite Swatch. Notice how hairy my hands are? haha
My blue instax mini. One helluva camera!

Well I guess that's it for now. Something just came up and I need to attend to it. Top secret stuff. Haha. I shall come back for more next time with even more ramblings! That's a promise!


so here's what happened in april:

 F1 Sepang. superohsem!

EXAMSSS. stress tahap mati.

 jalan-jalan cari mcD tengah malam. 

gamelan at DTC. best!

my sweet 21 surprise party-SSS. kenyang! 
(pre-birthday, the night of the birthday, post-birthday)

so yeah that's it. malas nak taip panjang2 buat karangan. 



of my 127 hours with James Franco and his boulder

I recently watched 127 hours, a brilliant (spoiler much?) movie directed by Danny Boyle, also the same award-winning director of the Slumdog Millionaire fame. I'm pretty sure many of you have already watched the movie. Right?? Cuz you know you're missing out on a lot if you haven't! Just sayin. hehe. Anyways, this movie is about an adventure freak who goes on a hike one day to a huge canyon in Utah and gets his hand stuck on a big ass boulder while he was stepping between a narrow valley. He had to endure 5 days of mental and physical torture, alone in the canyon, with only his camera, video recorder, a digital watch, a dull blade, a bottle of water, and a long climbing rope, all of which won't suffice for his survival. The amputation scene in this movie is superbly realistic and left me a bit light headed after seeing all those blood. I suggest you see this yourself and see how it works out for you cuz I'm an avid horror film watcher and the sight of blood usually has little impact on me. The whole thing is completely surreal. I can actually imagine the pain that the real Aron Rolston had to face with if I was in his position. I especially enjoy the part where he had to drink his own urine. Yes, those part are always fun to watch, ain't it? ;)

I'm not gonna spoil the ending here but you can probably tell what's gonna happen next. :) If you can, that is.

127 hours is one of the best movies this year and James Franco is one hell of an amazing actor. The way he captures the mixtures of emotion is nothing short of real, and in a way, bizarrely perfect. The musical score and editing is great. Needless to say, 127 hours is a remarkably awesome movie.

James Franco is bad shit alright. :D


To Swatch or not? That is the burning question.


FYI, this is the zebra print Swatch that I would like to have for my birthday. So please take note. Haha. ;)
The ultimate reason why i like this design is because my favourite 3 colours are all there in one watch! 

Another reason is cuz it goes so well with my phone. It's a match made in heaven! :D
And it can't get any better than this. I know this is gonna sound so cheesy but my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this precious darling on display. In an instant, I knew I just had to get it.

Urgh. I have to brush off this sense of materialism. It's getting to me. ++___++

Eventhou Swatch has always been affordable, the burning question is: To Swatch or not? That is the RM185 question. haha. In my case, switching my current Swatch to a new, better looking Swatch. As much as I adore my old one, I need a new watch make over, as unnecessary as it is. I guess once the novelty wears off, you'll be on the hunt for something new to satisfy your greedy needs. I hate how tamak I sound here. gosh. :(
I wonder if I really need another Swatch in my life?

here are the latest Swatch collection from the very famous Jeremy Scott. I don't know how much each one costs, but I bet it's gonna cost a slight fortune. 
Just look at how awesome it is. Breath taking, isn't it?

Wings, Opulence, Lightning Flash

I personally love the Opulence, its so elegant and sophisticated. When you really like something, frame it! haha. The Lightning bolt is selling out fast and I hear that you have to pre-order them first to get one. The design somehow reminded me of Watchmen. ;p

"You can actually tell a lot about a person from the kind of watch they wear."


photo booth phun

Stumbled upon this ohsem page where you get to digitally develop your very own photo booth strip! 

works best with pictures taken from your webcam. :)

What i wanna get my hands on

I LOVE the black, white, and red motifs they have on this fish eye! 
droooooolsss :P''