and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


The Merdeka Night

Imma post a few pictures taken on our first gamelan performance for this semester. 

Hehe here you go. :)

my baby instax

Don't we look alike? hihi. ;)

(Gambar semua courtesy Poladroid)

Dah jom sambung buat assignment. :D


now this is addictive

I have been stumped with assignments this whole week, hence I didn't have the time to blog about anything.


I've actually been busy updating new looks every now and then on my looklet page, which is quickly becoming everyone's obsession now.

Looklet is an online fashion digital styling studio, you get to dress up your model any way you want to with any designer clothes and accessories, select the background you want, and save it to show other Looklet users. It inspires you wihtout making you lose your own touch of personal savor in creating fashionable looks. Plus, the effects are so awesome!

My fashion sense is simple, yet, with a touch of elegant and sophistication, as you can see below. Not what I would usually wear when I go out, but who knows, if I have future career as a stylist, I would totally style this outfit. ;P

My favourite look so far. ;P

My latest look.

This is where I go to to relieve my stress from my workloads and it's a perfect ground for me to pump my creative juices ahah. And it becomes more fun when you get to exchange fashion tips with other fashionistas out there. You can comment and like on their looks and get acquainted with them. It's much like facebook, where you can add users but instead of getting status updates, you get look feed where they'll showcast others latest styles. To add other user and make them as your friend, first you got to follow them, and if that person follows you back, you guys are officially friends! :DD

So I actually get to be a virtual stylist!

Looklet is all about the love for creativity, style, and new technology fun where you can create great looks.

Therefore, I am not that surprised that I'm addicted to it.


Sometimes I wish I had a bestfriend. 



perfect is not when two people are together.
it's when you're both opposite,
but in that way,
you complete each other. 

Cos’ you’re amazing, just the way you are


of being clueless

There comes a point in your life when you realize that you're stuck in a different place, wanting different things, and then don't know what you want anymore.

And when the change hits you, you're not sure if you should embrace it, confront it, or fear it.

Reassuring that things are gonna be fine ain't gonna make things better.


lomo dilemma

I still remember the days where I would go online for hours and read all there is to know about lomography. Back on February 2010, I swore to myself I'd get a Golden Half no matter what. And then a month later, I was contemplating between getting a Holga or Diana. And later I found myself caught in a dilemma on choosing between a Diana F+ or Diana Mini or Instax Mini 7s.

I wanted all the qualities of the dreamy Diana to be incorporated in a smaller size, ones that can shoot with a 35mm film instead of the 120mm film, very much like the Diana Mini, however, it lacks the polaroid feature that I'm currently obsessed with. If I can have things my way, I'd invent a Diana with all the traits (in a single camera) that I want; 

1) Lightweight & small
2) 35mm film
3) Polaroid (Instant Back)

I am that greedy. hehe.

And now the only solution for me to enjoy the best of both world is to get a:

Diana Mini AND an Instax mini 7s


Diana F+ (plus Instant Back+35mm Back)

The latter is much more costly, I know cuz I've done my calculations and concluded that it's just not worth getting the F+ if I'm not going to shoot with the 120mm film as embodied with the camera, and why waste the feature if i'm too much of a cheapskate to develop the expensive 120mm film? And also, there's a trick on Youtube on how to adjust your F+ and make it into a 35mm film. This is such an expensive hobby I know. At first I couldn't resist the colourful versions of the Diana F+ as such, the CMYK, and a whole million of other copy cats from the original Diana, and honestly speaking, I'm still trying to resist the temptations of getting one. Haihh. :(

I shall get either one soon and when it's in my hands one fateful day, I'm never letting it go. ;)


of Flora by Gucci

I am so getting this. ;)

"Flora is lighter, the floral scent of course evokes a younger consumer, and she has a hedonistic, daring side. I don’t want to say that Flora is the daughter of Gucci by Gucci but maybe the younger sister." -Frida Giannini, Gucci's Creative Director.

of random

i have not been thinking much about how my future would be like until recently.
i came back from class at 1pm, went out for a hot walk under the sun around Petaling Street, and just slept through the day.
oddly, there’s a short period of 4 hours which i’m awake 
and went back to sleep after that.

Worrying about what's going to happen to me, how much i'll achieve in the next few years, and mostly, worrying if my significant other will still be by my side, is tiring. Honestly.

frankly, it was just trying to get the whole “wtheck am i going to do with my life”
out of my mind.
and while sleeping, it was like i’m delusional or something.
i keep drifting in and out of my sleep.
and these past few weeks, i have been having bad dreams.
most of which are awfully weird.ever since last 2 mondays if i’m not wrong.
dreams that i don’t EVEN want to remember when i wake up.
and yes, it happens even as i slept through the whole day.
so, when i woke up; i try to piece all the dreams together
but it just doesn’t make sense.
ah, oh well.
i just hope i sleep better tonight. 
if i could.

oh, and there’s a lot of falling apart a while ago.
and honestly, i don’t care.
because caring for stuff like this literally just suck the life out of you.
AND, i believe in being independent.
NOT dependent.
because being DEPENDENT just makes you fall in all the wrong places,
and it just makes you indecisive, weak and dumb.
and trust me, i’m NEITHER of those.
its weird when sometimes i just want things to be perfect.

No, I think it's perfectly rational of me wanting things in my life to be perfect. 

for those who already made a list of argumentative points while reading this.
BEING WEAK AND VULNERABLE does not make you dependent.
oh yeah. you can still be independent in whatever situation it is.
needing a listening ear, DOES NOT = to being dependent.
okay, now darlings. you can keep those argumentative points of yours.

Tho these past few days, almost everything have been going quiet well. :D
I'm much more emotionally stable, I learned from not only my mistakes, but from mistakes of others,
and I'm able to control my emotions without hurting others. 
All this had made me a better person.

alright, i’m done being a psycho here. (:
guess it must be listening to too much Pete Yorn. There's something about his songs that is so appealing to me, and i could easily relate to.

Pete Yorn rock.



Now this is a cool site where you lazy scums can edit pictures at the touch of your fingertips and make them look astonishingly awesome! Ladies and gentlemen, make way for picnik. A friend of mine, Dyra, also another photography/lomo enthusiast told me about it in class and ever since then, I was hooked! Here's a few pictures from a recent trip to Melaka that I edit using the online software. 


At a mamak stall in Kerinchi.



What's good about it is that they have functions for you to edit digital photos as if they looked like it was from a toy camera. You can still achieve the look using Adobe, but it's a hell lot to learn and why not just cut the crap and let the software do its job. Ceh. Padahal malas.

But it would be a bit better if we are able to download the software itself instead of having to go online and let the darn internet connection ruin our masterpiece.

Anyways, enjoy your day. 

I will be spending the night alone watching reruns of MDG while trying to make myself fat.


of Pete Yorn

Is currently addicted to Pete Yorn y'all!! XDD He's my next Morrissey tho he can never compete with his tall slicky hair. ;P

Sexy jet black hair yeahhhh!

These are moi favourite tracks:

1. Just another
2. Black
3. For us
4. I wanna be your boyfriend
5. Don't wanna cry
6. Relator feat Scarlett Johansson.

I think his voice is truly orgasmic and dreamy.


of vintage necklace

Yes my dreamer necklace is here!

Bought this from an online shop called shopiesta. Tho it took 2 weeks for the package to finally arrive on my doorsteps. ;D


As casual as one some may make the dating scene out to be, there's a certain vulnerability attached to letting someone in. There's a thin dividing line between a platonic and a romantic relationship.

And there's a moment where you just have to let go and do what you do worst at.



Fashion update + ikan bakar weee!!

I'm beginning to be more and more in love with nautical styled cardigans. Grabbed this from a recent sale by ZARA. I'm definitely gonna go there again and drive myself crazy. :DD
The picture portrayed up here by yours truly seems to be inadequate tho. I blame my cheap phone  and lack of cam-whoring skills for this. XD

Maybe this other one will do more justice than the previous.

So what do you think? The cardigan makes me look rather 'fit' on the shoulders, no? ehehehe ;P

Accidentally scratched moi nose the day before and it's taking forever for the scar to fade. haihh. Do ignore the lazy left eye. :P

Ok this one's random. Yet inspiring. I don't know why I said that. I just love how the bag complements the cardigan and bed sheets. 

Just thought of posting this one picture of me and Izzat, courtesy of Jimmie. I think it's really sweet. Kan? haha. Siap ada matrix effect orang jalan kat belakang lagi tu. Thanks Jimmie. Pandai dia amek gambar. Tak sedar pun dia curik2 amek gambar ehehe ;P

okay this is the only two pictures that I really like,the others semua burok ahaha.

okay goodnight people.
Lotsa love. ;*