and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


im wide awake

Im wondering when this insomnia is going to end. 
haven't had enough sleep since i don't know when.

argh. these sleepless night has got to end! seriously. assignments are piling up like crazy and im currently in the midst of a financial crisis. how i wish i was a spoiled brat. sigh. they never have to worry about not having enough $$$. but im thankful for my parents, especially dad who is such a cheapskate, for giving me a rm200 allowance per month. so much for being independent. i can now stand on my own two feet without the help of anyone. bullshit. duit nak fotostat nota pun tak cukup sampai terpaksa hutang ngan membe sampai belasan ringgit.

and what's up with boys who never seem to understand the fact that when we say NO, we mean YES?


Hey hey!!

I am currently busy working on another site
Will come back to keep an update on this one.
cheerios. :)


Hello 2010

I only have one resolution for this New Year and that is to be as happy as i could. EVERYDAY and EVERY NANO SECOND. I wanna enjoy the little things in life. Because life is short.

On New Year's Eve, we went to PD. Yes, Port Dickson. All the way from KL. Hah. And ofcourse i didn't expect the unexpected surprise from Izzat. The journey took quiet a while tho. Around 3 hours tak silap. But it wasn't a boring one. hehe. :) Found this place near the beach and a resort. Luckily it was near and not too sandy. i can't afford to sink into it with wedges 1.5" high. Yes memang i gatal pun nak sgt pakai sebab matching dengan skinny jeans and a cute shirt. lalala. Beauty is pain, isn't it after all? :P So yeah, i ordered something i've never had before, which is Lamb Chop. ya ya, siapa lah yg tak pernah makan Lamb Chop? sungguh jakun kamu myra. :( izzat ordered chicken sth i couldnt remember and sotong goreng. I think the sotong goreng tasted better than the lamb chop i had. It was a gruesome job cutting it into pieces with a knife and a fork. I am not that good at cutting things, especially meat, so when i had the chance to cut one, i did it badly. So bad Izzat had to teach me how to cut it. Yes, a lesson learnt on New Year's Eve. A VERY valuable one. :) Merci beaucoup for that baby. Anyway, we didnt get to walk on the beach, which was fine by me. we were running late. :D

The ride back home was awesome and even though we didn't witness the beauty of fireworks, it didn't matter because I got what i want that night. XD 

I wanna grab onto those who i care about the most and never let them go. Sounds too cheesy? th with that. Let this year be a blessed one.