and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


Silent night

Silent night,
Broken night.
All is fallen,
When you take your flight
I found some hate for you,
just for show.
You found some love for me,
thinking I'd go.
Don't keep me from crying to sleep
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night,
Moonlit night.
Nothing's changed.
Nothing is right.
I should be stronger then,
weeping alone.
You should be weaker then,
sending me home.
I can't stop you fighting to sleep.
Sleep in heavenly peace. 
I gave me away
I could have knocked off the evening
But I was lonelily looking for someone to hold
In a way I lost all I believed in
And I never found myself so low
And you let me down
You could've called if you'd needed
But you lonelily got yourself locked instead
And you let me down

- Damien Rice, Lonelily
Has nothing to say really.
Let's take a moment of silence.

And take a look at how far we've come.
How far we've changed.


It's *you and me*. You know that and you're being stupid. 


and there you go

I mean relationships just can’t stay the same, can they? It can’t always be lovely and lush and not full of weird silences all the time. People can’t always be perfect because that’s not real, is it? It’s not real because things change, don’t they?


Break out the guyliner and teen angst!

It's confirmed!! PLACEBO WILL BE PERFORMING IN KL at KL Live @ Life Centre on 16 March 2010 8pm onwards!!! 

Go grab the hot-selling tickets NOW! ASAP!! I still have to get mine tho. The cheapest ticket is RM98 !&@%#^@%&$!!! and the concert will be on a Tuesday night, right before the final examination gruesome study weeks. But wth. If only I can get em tickets for GRATIS!! :[

Okay to keep the story short, read this for yourself. I copy paste this from Axcess Tickets. You'll also get a limited edition Placebo Live in KL Tshirt if you prchase the tickets online. While stocks last. :P

Placebo are an alternative rock band formed in London in 1994, and currently consists of Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and Steve Forrest. To date, they have released six studio albums, six EPs and twenty-seven singles. The band have gained a considerable amount of international recognition, and have sold over one million albums in the UK and over ten million worldwide.
Placebo are best known for hit songs such as "Nancy Boy", "Pure Morning", "Every You Every Me", "Infra-Red", a cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill", and "For What It's Worth". Their style has varied greatly. The band's first album featured a raw sound and a fairly minimalistic instrumental lineup, but proceeding albums have had a slower, more melancholy, tone and they started experimenting with synthesisers and other, less traditional, forms of sound production (particularly after Black Market Music).

Get a limited Placebo T-shirt with every ticket purchased thru Axcess Outlets only. (for the 1st 75 customers!!)

Ticket Price
RM 158.00
 Upper tier (Free Standing)
RM 98.00
 Lower tier (Free Standing)

* One ticket admits one person only.
* Admission is strictly for age 18 and above only. 

Axcess outlets
> Axcess Office
> 1-Utama Shopping Complex
> Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil
> Rock Corner Mid Valley
> Tower Records Lot 10
> Parkson Sunway Pyramid
> Rock Corner The Curve
> Rock Corner KLCC
> Alamanda Putrajaya Shopping Centre
> UC Travel, University Malaya

* All collection of tickets will require validation of NRIC/Passport, Credit Card and Booking Number.
* Ticket collection is at venue only on the event day, 2 hours before the show time.
* No third party collection allowed unless Authorization Letter is issued by the Purchaser (credit card holder) and presented to Axcess upon ticket collection.

Oh yeah, do check out their awesome songs! Get started with Bright Lights and Where Is My Mind.



of dead lizard & last minute study

I was stunned to see a dead lizard lying flat on the doormat this morning. I wonder how it got there in the first place. Perhaps an irresponsible neighbour of mine threw it just to annoy my dad. I bet he's gonna freak out and scream and force me to throw the thing away just to get it out from his sight. He can be really funny when this happen. And it happens everytime he encounters a dead living(is this an oxymoron??)

I must be bored outta my mind right now. Having nothing to do on the last day of the Chinese New Year break. Just lying down on my bed trying hard, real hard to focus on the notes that I'm supposed to be reading. Eh, studying for my test! Shoot!Why do I always HAVE to do things at the last minute?? Why do I always act so non-chalantly about everything? Academic-wise mostly. For instance, for every single tests I sat for the first semester, I'd go through my notes on the day before the real test starts. And I crammed everything inside my head like a computer, well, I try to. And magically, it ALWAYS worked! Mind you, this studying 'technique' of mine is dangerous, but in my case, it's vital. For a last minute person like moi. Hey, you don't have any other choices do you? However, I don't really do things last minute. Who doesn't procrastinate, right? I'm sure 99% of the world's population procrastinate like, every single time of the day. Haha. Well, for me, as long as I know that I'm gonna be well-prepared for anything that comes my way, and complete it before the due time, I'm in good shape. :)

Last minute studying is challenging. Do it if you're ready. If not, then go open your books. NOW.


another corny post

My heart is your heart
and if you listen closely
there is but one beat.


Placebo: Where Is My Mind

With your feet in the air , and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it! Yeahh!
Your head will collapse, but there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself?

Where is my mind?
Way out, in the water see it swimmin´ 

~~I freakin love this song!!~~ XD

my superbly-awesome break!

The Chinese New Year + Mid Semester break couldn't be any busier and fun!! haha. Eventhough I was down with the flue for 2 days, things got better on Sunday. After all, it was Valentine's! And just when I thought I have no one to squeeze, Izzat came to the rescue! yay! I had so much fun playing the peking on Sunday night at a wedding at Jalan Gurney. :)


whoops!! Mine's at the other end. hehe. yang ni barung. 
i finally know how to make one of these! :)
The gamelan team for the night. (from left: kak farah, kak sarah, ME!, kak wani, abg jaja, abg hazren, & yg paling depan skali, abg zain)
sniff sniff
dapat jugak naik atas pelamin yay! :D


Our family went to Seri Menanti! haha. ayah memang tak boleh duduk diam kat rumah. tetiba je ajak pegi tengok  Muzium kat situ. Luckily the place was still open.

in the car

Diam-diam amek gambar. No pictures are allowed actually hehe.
Bandar Diraja Seri Menanti
From the 3rd floor

okay that's about it. After that we had dinner at a nearby restaurant tepi jalan. 

Sibuk je la gambar ikan ni. That fish with the opened mouth actually looked at me in the eyes forcing me to feed him.  Comel la tu buat mulut macam tu? 

Since dah berkurun tak pegi Seremban, apa kata pergi City Park? haha. The place was crowded with kids and people jogging, playing kites, lepaking around doing nothing, feeding the fish, and a lot more activities to fill the time. Tahan pulak beriadah time musim PANAS macam ni. hehe. 

From where I was sitting

Dad was all hyped to play badminton :O

The lake was filled with fish i tell you. Best gila kalau dapat fishing kat sini. hehe

Suka tengok kite ni. 

That's moi promoting my cute eco chic bag

Okay dah lah tu. Malas nak tulis panjang2.


Lawa tak beg ni?? I'm so in love with it!! Wooooooo... Gi jalan2 mane2 lepas ni, for sure I'll bring this bag along cuz obviously, it looks cool! The covers are changeable! And best of all, it defines me in so many ways! haha. Beg ni my friend Dekno @ deknobesh yang buat, kalau nak, boleh tempah kat dia. haha. Illustration bagi je gambar apa2, guarantee boleh lukis dengan cantek punya. haha. Oh yeah, this one costs RM25. Siap dalam 2 minggu. hehe. apa2, nanti negotiate ngan dekno. Or go to this blog: Blog beg comel2!~ 


of falling sick. again

I have promised myself to not fall sick again. Oh wait. That's my immune system talking.
I have been eating a LOT lately. A LOT to me, is eating atleast 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the required time; not too early, not too late, leaving for a lil bit more space in my tummy for that something extra to snack on at night. Hint: chocolate. :)

Had enough of people commenting on how skinny I got after that virus infection. They take one look at me and probably think I'm a walking corpse. I'm not here to judge. And I don't really give a f*** as to what those people have to say and think. But sometimes I wish they could just stop the stare and criticise on how I look like. I know some who does.

I will not neglect my health from now and get that much-deserved sleeping hours. I will eat that supplements and power milk mom gave me and finish em up. I will not succumb to my weakness. And I will not drown in my sorrows. I will only think of positive thoughts and try to look at the bright side of things. (ok this is hard).

Imagine people talking about how fat you are. It works the same way if you're skinny. And yes, sorry to say; I have lost a tremendous amount of weight and bones have start to come out from my thin layer of skin. I know it sounds scary. But if it DOES happen, I'll let you know. Haha. Kidding. At the moment, imma stuff myself with food. And lotsa them. Cuz it's the only thing that keeps me going. I don't wanna die due to lack of eating. That's just sad.

But sometimes its an epidemic. You have no control over it. Signs have started to show. Dragging me to the cold sufferings. Its torture.

Oh please God, give me a lil bit more of your time.

of being in sorrow

Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place
To be thinking of you
It's the wrong time
For somebody new
It's a small crime
And I've got no excuse

Is that alright?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright?
If u don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it
Is that alright?
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright
With you?

Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place
To be cheating on you
It's the wrong time
She's pulling me through
It's a small crime
And I've got no excuse

Is that alright?
I give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright?
If you dont shoot it, how am I supposed to hold it
Is that alright?
I give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright
Is that alright with you?

I am officially down with the flue. Shit. Timing memang bagus. Just when I'm about to play infront of a huge audience at a wedding tomorow night. F***.  

And here I am drowning in my sorrows listening to 'sad' songs. Damien Rice's 9 crimes. Beautiful song. Deep meaning. Didn't really burst into tears the first time I listened to it, but in some way, the song itself has a deep profound impact and influence on me. Simply breath taking. It's a frequent reminder to me as to how important it is to try and not let my emotions get the best of me. 

Some might say the song's about someone who falls in love while they are still with someone else. And its hard for them because they no longer love the person they are with but feels guilty for falling for someone new. wth. I have my own definition for the song.

Personally,to me, this song can just grab you when you least expect it and leave you in a state of emotional turmoil. 

You just don't need a f****** excuse for your emotions. If you really have one. Don't make any excuses just because you don't wanna lie. Or are you trying to minimise your guilt? And do you really wanna break these ties at the wrong time? 
It takes the two of us to keep things working and if we don't work together anymore, then what's the point?

If you don't light my fire, how am I supposed to hold a torch for you?- Myra


of being random

I just got up. 
I have absolutely no idea what to write here but I really feel like posting something random. Haven't done that in a while. So here goes.


This was taken before something crazy came up. You don't wanna know.

Amirah Salman is bored to death and hungry
And she has yet to take a shower before she decides to go out and have lunch in her pjs.

Lemony Snicket

I should be at home. Now. But no, I'm still at college trying to think of productive things to do here. I think playing a traditional musical instrument at a wedding ought to be productive enough. Oh yeah. and writing this entry. Plus reading an autobiography and magazines over and over again. I just love to waste my time reading good books. Or watching a good movie. :) Last night I watched Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events. Enjoyed the movie from the start till the very end. It was definitely worth staying up until 3am.

Bad Beginning cover

Unfortunately, I've only read the first 3 books from the 13 books he wrote for the series. That was back in high school, where my school library had an abundant supply of good books and novels yay. There wasn't enough reading corners for people like me who likes to skip class and spend her time in the library instead of having lunch at the cafeteria, so usually when this happens, I would put the book into my enormous pocket of baju kurung and walk out from the library as if nothing illegal had happened. Hah. It's much better reading outside on the small steps surrounding the library I tell ya. Infact, people were making a hell lot of noise inside the library. And it's a plus being a prefect, in which we had the authority to tell people to buzz off and go somewhere else whenever they would intrude my territory, in my case, the only sanctuary I had in the whole school.

Should I write yet another movie review on this one?

Maybe next time. I'm gonna keep this entry short.

I wonder when the next sequel will be released tho. Am totally looking forward to that. :) Liam Aiken is so handsome! All the Baudelaire orphans starring in the movie is adorable, and not to mention, can really play their roles well. Emily Browning is as sweet as sugar. And Sunny must have grown to be 4 years old by now. Miss that baby monkey who has a habit of biting things. Count Olaf played by Jim Carrey is the funniest villain I've ever seen! And I wish I could see more of Jude Law though. :D

Will add the book series in my list of books to look out for.


His scars run deep

I think it's time for moi to write a review on one of my favourite movies. One of the MOST WATCHED movie from my collection of movies.

Edward had an irresistible charm, but he wasn't quiet perfect. 

Yes, it's Burton's sweet gothic fairy tale, Edward Scissorhands. He is a Frankenstein-like creature who has scissors instead of fingers. 

The story begans with an old lady, played by Winona Ryder, telling her grandaughter the story of snow, and why it snows. She then looked through the window, to where Edward's gothic mansion lays at the top of a hill. And below his mansion there was a town looking very much like a nightmarish vision from the 1960s, where bright pink, green, yellow houses nest, neatly grouped together.

His inventor, a very old scientist with a good heart died of a heart attack just when he was about to give Edward a pair of hands. It was a sad moment seeing Edward staring at the pair of hands, stroking it with his scissor-ed hands. Poor Edward is then left with only scissors for hands. :(

Peggy, an Avon representative or Avon Lady as the people in the town might call her, visit the mansion on a hopeless task to sell her make up. When she saw poor Edward sitting all by himself at a dark corner in the attic, she was shocked to see him, but later she soon discovers that Edward is not at all harmless, and started giving him an advice on how to cover the imperfections on his face, which are the scars. She then decided to take Edward back home with her, bringing him to the town below and her family. Although with good intentions, she lacks the wisdom in her actions.

The movie is filled with humorous scenes yet within the humour there is always darker overtones. The neighbourhood soon accepts Edward in a perverse and freakish way. He became popular for his gift of cutting hedges into beautiful art. he even revolutionised the hair styles of the town residents by giving them a free hair cut, mostly to the housewives.

Edward himself has never asked to be created in the manner he was. He is an innocent young man, gentle and greatly gifted, he has a beauty and heart that is found rarely in life. 

He adores Peggy's daughter, Kim and soon began to develop feelings for her. She makes fun of Edward and soon uses him unwillingly to break into her obnoxious boyfriend's house. Soon after this event she begins too see Edward's beauty and uniqueness in comparison to the people she is surrounded by every day. She reaches out to him with her love holding him close to her.

A member of the neighbourhood, Joyce, whom in my opinion a perverted old woman who desperately seeks out attention from men, started to get close with Edward and is attracted to him. From the film, we can see her getting an orgasm from Edward while he was cutting her hair. One day she brought Edward into a salon and tried to seduce him, and as we might expect, it failed and Edward ran away from her. Having been disappointed by Edward, she spread rumours telling everyone in town on how Edward tried to hurt her. B****.

The people residing in the neighbourhood attack Edward and chase after him through the streets in a similar vein to an early Frankenstein movie directed by James Whale. This happened after Edward tried to save Kevin, Kim's small brother from getting hit by a car, which was driven by one of Kim's boyfriend's drunk friend. Edward pushed Kevin from the sidewalk and he fell on top of Kevin. Edward tried to make sure Kevin was alright, but he made the situation a lot more worse as his scissorhands started to cut Kevin's face. Kim saves his life, telling everyone he has been killed. She leaves him to be happy on his own.

Edward Scissorhands depicts in both humorous ways and dark ones, how life can be if you are different, with Edward on the far ennd of the scale. It is a story about someone who cannot physically touch anything or anyone without destroying the thing itself through no fault of his own.

The film is a truely wonderful modern fairytale. The gothic mansion is hauntingly beautiful and scenes with Kim dancing in the snow from Edward's ice sculpture is mesmerising. The story of snow is a rare jewel in film making.

Edward here, is played by none other than Johnny Depp, the most versatile actor in the universe. His unique character and acting style makes him different and that's what separates him from everyone else. He stars in a lot of Tim Burton's productions btw. This movie was released way back in the 90s and I first watched the movie 8 years later. And I thought, this Edward has got to be the most good-looking, charming and creative robot ever invented by a human being. Back then, almost everything I see on television seems non-fiction to me in real life. I always thought that by drinking my own blood, I could turn into a vampire one day, and having lived in a community where they put on horror movie posters on their bedroom walls where I could see em straight everytime I pass the street after school, I kinda admired those immortal creatures eventhough I was terrified to look at em especially the bloody fangs. They were magical. And Edward Scissorhands is one of them. 

Awww how cute is Edward??

I didn't manage to cry even after watching this movie for the 6th time. And I wonder why.


of Valentine's and beautiful love songs

Three songs to slash your wrists to on Valentine's

I don't have anyone to squeeze on come Valentine's Day. But wth. As a melodramatic person who enjoys listening to love songs and think about my significant other, I choose to drown my sorrows alone.

Damien Rice - Delicate
(we know Rice is overplayed, but "Delicate" still gets us.)

And why do you sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you
Why do you sing with me at all?


listen to this god-awesome song instead if you still don't get it

Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
(it's an epic)

And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time
And so it is
The colder water
The blower's daughter
The pupil in denial

Willie Nelson - Crazy
(oh yes I am)

I'm crazy for crying
I'm crazy for trying
I'm crazy for loving you

Valentine's Day IS overrated.


of shuz, clothes, Margheritas and getting busted

Today was a time-consuming day for a window shopper of fine shoes like moi. And with the help from a good friend @ serious buyer of high end fashion addict Umar, I finally get to realise yet another dream of mine, which is being able to go inside those expensive looking stores in KLCC. Yay! Our first destination was Coach. And with our ultimate golden ticket, the LV bag Umar brought along with him to put in his Emporio Armani sweater, we went in without feeling the slightest bit of intimidation. Hah. Take that you stuck up sales assistant! I spent most of the time there browsing through the leather purse, which kinda caught my attention. There wasn't much stuffs there that I was interested in, so I switched to the men's section. This is where Umar bought his leather 'men's bag'. haha. Well, it kinda looked more like a messenger bag, ones that you can sling around your neck and stuff, which looks really good on boys. Each costs around a whopping RM1600! Oh patutlah iye2 ajak makan kat DM siang tadi. haha.

I am such a jakun. Haha. After that we went to Kino trying to find that anniversary present for Izzat and then they told me to go to Isetan instead cuz they had more options of fine fountain pens over there and again the salesperson told me to go to Parkson cuz the person in charge is taking her break wtf. Ooops. Yes you caught me. I was busted into telling him that I went to Parkson and got his gift there. Izzat lah. Banyak sangat tanye. Tengok dah tersilap cakap. Huhu. But nevermind, it doesn't matter now. He still doesn't know the colour and the inscriptions on it. Yes keep on guessing you. Hohoho. :D

That really made my day. I finally got what I originally had in mind. To me it's a fine work of art. Got myself a pair of the same kind too. I'm not such a cheapskate after all. :)

After that we went to Zara and spent about an hour there trying out the clothes on sale. Sale lah sangat. Haha.    Well, I did the trying outs. Hehe. It was devastating not being able to spend anything there but atleast I know what I wanna get next time I go out for another day of 'real' shopping with Izzat. Hehe.

B&W striped cardigan. Oui! But I already have one of the same kind, only with smaller stripes. Me love the flash effect goin on here.

Okay here's with no flash. The 2nd shirt I tried on. Polka dots with a sheer of light pink background. Was really tempted to get this FYI.

Now this is a body hugging black cardigan. Felt really sexy wearing it. Haha. Maybe next time?

Oh btw, it's the French Season baby!! Every clothing store I went has a 'french' section where they put on cute french prints on tops and baby tees like a picture of the Eiffel Tower and wordings like J'adore and Je t'aime and such. Awww.. Love it!! For further self exploration, check out these stores: Zara, Topshop, Marks & Spencer, CottonOn.

Oh yeah. While we were at Pavillion, we went to Prada. Ooooooh lala. Hehe. The shoes there are  hideous! LOL! It's true tho. Buruk sangat. Especially the flats. The bags there are interesting enough to look at, but please, keep away those nasty ugly shoes for godsake! Menyakitkan mata sungguh! :(

Now THIS is a completely different story.
It's a Bruno Frisoni baby. And guess what? I had the golden opportunity of actually wearing one!

That's moi right leg in a shoe store called Shuz, where they sell different range of shoes from various shoe designers, like Sergio Rossi, Kate Lambardo, etc. I have finally master the art of wearing heels!! NOT!! terumbang ambing time buat catwalk with the shoes. haha.. Macam orang mabuk pun ade. We were fortunate enough to get a kind hearted sales assistant. Hehe. So I did all the trying outs! Sorry Umar, there's no way in hell you'd be able to wear these killer heals!

This one feels so smooth on moi leg. Hehe. The down part is that the heels costs RM 3000+!! And that's after the 50% discount! Well good news is that I didn't feel wobbly wearing it, thus, I didn't manage to publicly humiliate meself (walaupun terumbang ambing sambil jalan ala model)! Yay me!!

Ahh.. Forgot who designed this. Prefer the Bruno one better.
Below are some of the ones that I'm in love with.

Another one of Bruno's brilliant inventions. Would totally wear this on my wedding day! haha.

LOVE the colour combo!

Oh hello you.

Sexy flamingoes!

Wanna wear this in bed with a sexy lingerie! Hehehehehe

Yes! This definitely screams MYRA!!

Okay I'm done talking about shuz. Hehe. Let's talk about food! Yay food! Yay pizza Margherita! Yay Subway!

That's what I had after lunch! I just love the feeling of saying: 'One Margherita.' Hehe. Rasa macam nak order wine la pulak. Hihi. well Umar had his Subway and I had a taste of his turkey sandwhich. Sedap!! So then I decided to get the exact same thing he ordered for dinner. haha. 

Camwhoring moments!! Love the place where we sat here. Yg dekat ngan fountain tu. hehe.

More camwhoring!! 

This next picture is a real shocker. Haha.

Yes Louis Vuitton baby! Haha. Ceh padahal dalam tu takde pape. Haha. Klakar la. I was still munching some Margheritas.

That's my personal shopping assistant Umar Shariff with his favourite Subway. Hehe. I know. It's a 6" Parmesian Oregano.

We lost our sense of directions at Pavillion! haha. sesat tak tau nak pegy balik KLCC macam mane. So tepakse tanye org sini sana for directions. Dah la pakai wedges. My legs were killing me!
So what I did was tukar my wedges to Umar's selipar jamban on our way back. ahahaha. nasib baik die beli the loafer cottoned shoe from CottonOn. You're a real life saver! haha. Got blisters all over my left foot! But all in all, it was worth all the blisters. haha. Dapat window shop, dapat makan margherita, dapat hang out ngan Umar and best of all, dapat beli present for Izzat, eventhough he already knows what I got him. Ish tak aci. I pun nak tau jugak. :(

Alryte, enjoy the French book I borrowed you, Umar. Jaga buku tuh elok2. Make sure it's in good condition next time you return it! haha.

Au revoir~!