and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


spider hamster

Last night while watching Hannibal Lector on TV I swear I heard a tiny scream coming from this little creature. As a sign of protest, this little creature decided to climb upon the metal cage and gave it a hard bite. As hard as it could, with its tiny little teeth. I can imagine how painful it is and frustrating, really cuz no matter how hard it tried, and WILL try, again, it will never escape. Hah.

So this is how you repay me for all my feeding you with gerbil foods, dried kiwi , kuaci, and all those rubbish and cleaning out your poop.

And now you're trying to pull of some stunts, hoping that I would release you into the wild??

How dare you try to escape from moi?

Anyhow, i decided that to be fair to these innocent creatures (there's another one sleeping in the mini house) and gave its habitat a makeover, and cleaning. The makeover involves placing its house in a different corner and attaching the spinning wheel to the cage. There's nothing much to say about the cleaning aspect, you know what its like to have tiny poops lying everywhere, thank God there's the sawdust to cover it up with.


rasa macam nak cabut kolej

I can't wait to go back home!! In 2 days time I'll be in my dad's car, looking out from my window, waving goodbye to my college that has been serving me nothing but bad food. I can't help but feel like a prisoner here, even when there's nothing to do but goyang kaki peluk soft toy baru and watch Grey's Anatomy. Redaksi punya pasal, i terpaksa korbankan 4 days of my 5 weeks holiday. 4 days sahaja ya? takde extend2. Rindu pada rumah.

Disebabkan terlalu rajin, i pasang wallpaper baru on my study desk wall. Haha. I had TO DO something that requires me getting out of my lazy chair.

ye saya tahu dinding bilik saya amat hodoh. but at least I've got Kakashi around looking down on me. That would distract me from looking straight at my ugly walls when I berangan takde keje nak buat. I placed my new pink baby whale on my laptop on purpose, for obvious reason, nak bagi nampak comel. :)

And this is us penghuni bilik B206, kolej Kediaman Pertama (ASTAR); Kak Ain, Billie and moi.

This one was taken sebaik sahaja Kak Ain habis paper petang tadi. Excited sungguh. Kami pun tumpang excited. hehe. 
The best prop ever, BUNNY EARS! Sangat suka ini prop. Taknak bagi pinjam to anyone. :O
Kesian Billie kena hujan. Sorry Billie mane aku tau ko pun nak prop telinga? hehe. Lain kali duk tepi.

Muka goofy Billie.hehe. Kepala I memang sesuai pakai prop telinga. :P Eh, ada daun atas kepala Kak Ain. :D

Pening kepala tengok gambar ni.

Tak sempat nak blow a kiss :(

Facial expression kak ain melambangkan betapa excitednya die nak balik rumah.hehe. 
That's the end of our photoshoot. Next sem amek lagi!!

i've found it!


Hati sungguh gembira kerana telah sekian lama mencari, akhirnya jumpa juga dengan jam tangan yang sudah 2 months gone missing. Yes, i'm reunited again with you, my lovely green butterflies.

Oh wait, i have one more good news!
I'm getting my Sony phone back tomorrow!!
Yes, reunite again!!!


My new 'pet'

Just when i thought that my boyfriend is never going to get me a soft toy, he surprised me by getting a baby whale. hehe.

Call him Gemok.hehe

Gemok paying for my ride back to UM.hihi

Today was great.
The cupcake(s) was great.
The dress was great.
The walk was great.
The company was great.
The atmosphere was great.
The 'surprise' was great.
Today was great.


It's the end of torture week hooray!

Finally, the exams are over. :) =D ;P

I couldn't stop smiling while answering the final question paper this morning. Not that it was SUPER easy or because I know the answers to all the questions. No no no. 
The reason being that it's THE END of 2 weeks of torture. I had this sick feeling in my stomach, more like a voice groaning, telling me to go the toilet. I didn't eat nor drink a single thing this morning. Tak sempat sumbat ape2 dalam mulut sebab excited sangat nak habiskan exam, so sanggup tu tak makan breakfast. Oh God, the urge was unbearable. Dah la kain baju kurung basah hujan lebat 10 minit before masuk dewan. Nasib baik pakai crocs. Hehe.. Jalan je mesti ade je bunyi keluar dari kasut. Kerok kerok. haha. Good thing I tanggalkan kasut and let out that foul smell. No lah. where got foul smell? Bau lux okay? :)
Then i laughed at the sight of my wrinkled jari kaki. hihi. Jarang tengok toes kecut.

i ignored the urge and continue writing as cepat as possible. Harap2 balik nanti tak kena buasir. hah. Fortunately, after 5 minutes, the feeling's gone. S***. Asal last question takde appendix?? lampiran la tu. Oleh itu, dengan excitednya I angkat tangan, asking for the last missing appendix. 

After 3 minutes waiting for the kakak to bring the appendix....

Kakak: Dik, yang lampiran last tu semua orang tak dapat.
Desperate me: So soklan ni takyah jawab la? (dalam kepala otak: cane nak jawab soklan lampiran pun takde??Soklan tu kan must refer to the lampiran; which should be provided together with the question paper, along with the rest of the lampirans!!)
Kakak: Tak yah kot. Maybe soklan tu soklan bonus. 
Desperate me: Seriously?? :) okay takpe lah. thank you. :D (rasa cam nak peluk je kakak tu)

Bahagianya hidup. Haha. That question alone costs 8 marks tau tak. Huh. Salah Cik Aida lah, not us. Sape suruh tak double check kertas soklan? kan kan kan?? Even the answer scheme she gave us pon banyak technical errors and missing informations. Ape2 pun, thanks Cik Aida sebab membuatkan kami semua tak payah memerah otak untuk menjawab soalan last tuh. yay. :)

I felt like screaming je in the exam hall after the invigilator announced that we all can go out, silently, sebab ada lagi those yang tengah jawab soalan. wth who cares? Semua keluar dari hall macam lembu keluar dari reban. wait, lembu ada reban kah? eh, ayam. Anyways, let's put on those dancing shoes and dance! wee.. Ahh.. I had to go back to college by myself, due to everyone makan kat Rumah U. I ade suruh kak ain amek kan nasik ayam for lunch. Ye, nasik ayam hari Isnin je yg best. Hari-hari laen, hampeh. Makan tohu besar gedabak and togeh keras tak masak. Mana la i nak gemok. Ikan sardin pun tak lalu. Imagine, eating that with plain rice. hello?? I paid the college a fairly large amount of money/fees for the food alone, so please do us some justice here. Mane pergi duit yuran yg i bayar mahal2?? :S

Therefore, let us all throw our books away and keep ourselves busy for 5weeks. Okay saya mahu tidur sekarang kerana di luar sudah hujan dan katil sedang menanti.. ;P


resolutions or no resolutions?

I don't know if now is the right for me to talk about New Year Resolutions or not. But what i DO know is that the whole thing sounds too cliché no? It's November already and in a few weeks time it's gonna be Christmas and New Year. Hello? Even my 2008's Resolutions for 2009 has not been fulfilled yet. Well, it isn't that difficult of a thing to do, you know, making resolutions with hopes so high, wishing you could fulfill each and every single thing on your Lists of Things to Accomplish in 20** blablabla. MAKING it is easy but ACHIEVING it is very darn susah. hah. There goes me talking in rojak again. At first, you think, hey, its only the 1st of January, I still have plenty of time to waste and complete my list before the end of year comes knocking at my door. But only after the 10th month you realised that everything's going so fast and you forgot about the darn list you made. And yes, I AM talking about myself and my darn list. With so little time management skills and the unability to prioritise; THAT and being the procrastinator(i love this word) that I am, it really is a challenging and tough task to accomplish. 

However, I am pretty proud of one thing. And that thing is my cooking skills. YES, i can make a decent spaghetti or macaroni (not macaroni and cheese, mind you) without wasting too much Prego sauce. This, and the fact that I am now an accomplished maker of pancakes. Yummy. This is so my kind of food. No offence to nasik putih or kuey tiao tho. It's just that this is so easily made and you don't really need to steal any recipes of the internet How-To-Cook site or from the magazines. No manuals whatsoever. ok I'm gonna let some secret out here. I stole it from mum's recipe. Well, she doesn't really need one anyway, cuz she's good at it already. I wish i could learn how to cook by heart. you know, like when to put in all these stuffs and most importantly, WHAT ingredients to include in the pot. The first time I tried making the spaghetti, I had to jot down the whole process of making it on a piece of paper. Haha. Ibu pun cakap: Takpe la yang penting kene ade minyak masak, api, and bawang. Haha. Bahan-bahan lain tak penting sangat pun, you can practically cook any dish with these ingredients. No kidding. :O After a few tries, I managed to serve the whole family a fine AND super finger-licking-delicious pasta with my newly acquired cooking skills. Yay. Limited to spaghetti related style sahaja ofcourse. hehe.

Another important thing I managed to put a check into my list is the fact that I have grown to be a bit wiser. A year older, and a year wiser. Yes, my way of thinking may not be as matured compared to other 19 year old kids out there, but in terms of learning from my mistakes and making sure that I don't repeat the same kind of mistakes I did really made me think twice and it helped me to develop as a person. 

I have also learnt that TRUST is not just another thing you can take for granted. After all, it takes a fairly long time and courage to build up trust, but only seconds to destroy it. You can't just say you trust someone and turn your back on them and betray their trust. It doesn't work that way. That's what hypocrites do. Telling people to trust you whereas you don't even trust yourself. A selfish bitch I once were, I now know that it really IS hard to trust someone. Maybe the reason why it was so hard for me to trust is because I worry too much, you know. When you worry, your thoughts are filled with these negative things and you start to feel insecure, anxious, dll. But despite of all that, i put my trust issues aside and started to trust. 

I've learnt that lying is unnecessary. Unless if you're a very good liar. Or actor. No lah. Seriously, i don't know why I lied in the first place. Thinking back about all the lies I unsuccessfully managed to run away from, it made me feel really stupid. You can't lie. Especially to someone who reads you like a book. That person can definitely TELL that you're lying. 


Cartoon Me

okay i did this out of boredom yesterday morning.hah. i've had enough of posting song lyrics already.


okay you probably cant see the cartoon version of me clearly here. but still, ade resemblance tak? ngeheh.
mata still a bit sepet no? yeah..macam amoi jepun..the hair memang gile same..hehe..the complexion maybe terlalu pucat yeah?, but you're only limited to certain type of skin colours, and you cant control the colours some more. so yeah. the pout is so me! (me blowing fake flying kisses :-* :-*) yeh!
should work more on this later on.

Jom buat Cartoon!

okay this is the second version.

eyh sejak bila pulak you pakai cekak berbunga matahari pulak ni? lol. this one's more like me kalau i buat muka masam atau merajuk. tambah cekak sebab nampak lagi adorable and innocent-looking.haha. the only problem is the eyes i guess. and the skin tone. this one macam awek Jepun. lol. :O oh yeah. forgot the glasses.hihi.

and the third;

whoa!! (tutup mata) 
heheh. memang melampau. over the limit. sungguh tidak menunjukkan personaliti diri saya yang sebenar. first, the dress is simply TOO skimpy; and sexy as well. I'm reminded of Megan Fox and her in that white dress she wore dalam movie Jennifer's Body. Not that I've seen the movie or anything.haha.saje nak try tengok how I'd look like if i were to wear a black dress like this ;) 

Its time for miracles

It's late at night and I can't sleep
Missing you just runs too deep
Oh I can't breathe thinking of your smile

Every kiss I can't forget
This aching heart ain't broken yet
Oh God I wish I could make you see
Cuz I know this flame isn't dying
So nothing can stop me from trying

Baby you know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
No I ain't giving up on us

I just wanna be with you
Cuz living is so hard to do
When all I know is trapped inside your eyes

The future I cannot forget
This aching heart ain't broken yet
Oh God I wish I could make you see
Cuz I know this flame isn't dying
So nothing can stop me from trying

Baby you know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
You know that
Maybe it's time for miracles
Cuz I ain't giving up on love
No I ain't giving up on us

(taken from 2012 Soundtrack. Vocals by Adam Lambert)


Somewhere else-Travis

Forgive and then forgone and on and on and on and on


i'm in love

TAK BOLEH TIDO! My sleep cycle is officially disturbed. Padahal baru je smalam baca keratan akhbar dari Balai Islam yg bg warning suruh jaga sleep cycle, jangan buang masa buat benda tak berfaedah (Facebook, chatting, Myspace dan segala perkara2 yg laqha), jaga makan minum, etc.

I'm a nocturnal. An owl. I don't sleep. I'm a vampire. I feel thirsty all the time (water, not blood) and the worst part is i wake up in the middle of the day feeling cranky and light-headed. So if you have any ideas on how to revert my sleep cycle back to its original settings, please let me know ASAP

So this is what i did:

  1. I've downloaded 500+ fonts online for free. Thank you Kevin&Amanda!! those fonts are EXTREMELY cute. sekarang boleh gune fonts2 tuh for the next assignment. Boring lah asyik standard type font Times New Roman, Tahoma je. Check out these:

the name of the font is honey. font pun ade name. wah. and the hearts kat tepi tu are love sentiments, not real fonts lah. fonts kan ade letters.hah. fonts ni are dedicated for those in love sebab die ade perkataan jiwang such as:

i told you. ;O

anyways, it was fun trying out all the fonts. until i finally realised that i need some studying to do. ok not some, but A LOT of studing to do.

Which i managed to do for the next 45 minutes. I have this study strategy where i take 15/20  mins break for every 45minutes of studying. Discipline is the key to success. Yes! ok let's go to item no.2

2. I tengok grey's Anatomy Season 3 punye episodes from 9-17. (gune calculator kira 17-9=8) ok so that makes it 8 episodes of grey's anatomy in one single night. from 11pm-6am. Mind you, it IS almost 6am now. jam menunjukkan pukul 5.41pagi. azan pun dah berkumandang.

ok let's make this quick.

3. I main Mr.Potato No Compromise challenge online.haha.yeah. ingatkan after main game ni, bolehla release tension blaja, tapi lagi tension ade lah. The first round pun susah tahap mati. Kene separate the good potatoes from the bad ones and put 10 of em in the potato sack in 20 seconds.

tengok la tu. lagi satu saat nak abes baru sempat nak masuk satu gumpal good potatoes. but i've sucessfully complete this level after 3 tries tau. mouse anda memainkan peranan yg penting.jangan ambil lekeh. =P

4. Last but not least, I had a wonderful night with Izzat Fauzan at the apartment. ok ok. The Apartment restaurant yg dalam die macam real apartment-like-interior tuh. :)

This is what i wrote on facebook earlier on: Amirah Salman had a wonderful night at the apartment with her fiancee.hihi. anyways, the dinner was great. infact, it was awesome. (if only i can use the love fonts here, i'd place the 3 hearts after each letter.ok is this what you feel when you're in love?cuz its definitely making me feel like im 15 and he's the lucky boy who's making me swooning in love, falling stupid for him.thank you Marie Digby for that awesome love song.)

I had a spaghetti mushroom and chicken. THE ONLY food i can afford to finish. So thank you Izzat for letting me choose this as my desired menu for the night. and as usual, iced lemon tea for drinks. it was the cheapest of its kind, so wth.

He ordered some mussels with bread crumbs? toppings on em and uh, some fish wrapped with cheesy layers on top. looked almost like a lasagna tho. da lame tak makan. :(
and yeah, i actually ate one mussel (ceh bunyi macam makan muscle=otot) from the shell itself. yay myra. :)

okay taknak cakap pasal price. biasa la kan kalau pergi tempat macam ni,service charge, tax segala mesti lah $$$$$!!!dah la tak light up the candle on the table. baru ingat nak rasa macam candle-light dinner or sumting. lain kali datang, i nak bawak kotak mancis. :]

it was almost 10 and we walked to the station. I kene tipu mase ni jugak. :'( sobs
we were waiting in line to buy the tickets to Station U and then lepas beli je tiket Izzat cakap i have to buy my own tickets to Station U. Hello, yg you bayar gune duit rm50 tu hape? kenape tak bayar je sekali tadi time beli tiket??hah?hah? ni semue cakap dalam kepala. okay nasib baik tak mengamuk. hormones dah la tak stabil.shit. sempat merajuk sekejap. Ingat balik izzat cakap yg he bought 2 tickets to station u for himself pergi-balik. i pun percaye bulat2. for one second.hah.that was enough for me to look like a fool. Yes, rasa macam baru lepas kene PUNKD oleh Ashton Kutcher, cuma host kali ni Izzat. Ade ke die cakap macam tu? ye lah myra salah you jugak sape suruh percaye. Takkan boyfriend sendiri kedekut sangat sampai takde hati dan perasaan untuk belikan awek die tiket balik ke UM. ok sekarang rase macam nak nangis. Ofcourse Izzat would never do such a thing. paling teruk pun die akan suruh i top up kan duit tiket yg tak cukup 20sen atau 10 sen. :') muke nangis sambil senyum. comel. especially when he asked me: "you merajuk ke?" rasa macam nak cubit pipi die pun ade :)

This girl is falling stupid for you 


of facebook

Rasa malas sangat nak update blog ini.

pergh..time jawab paper BS tadi punya lah bersemangat kobar nak update blog, bukak facebook, and tengok movie release tension punya pasal menghafal batang2 paip tangki air jamban segala. Dah la kena marah dengan invigilator kerana kami alam bina membuat bising time abes paper. terus dok sibuk bincang balik soklan exam. haha. rasa tenang sikit sebab ade member lupa jawab satu soklan. jahat jahat. =]

ye saya berjaya berpuasa dari membuka facebook for 2 days straight yeah!! (tepuk tangan) :O

okay okay. that doesn't really make me a "better" person just because i managed to refrain myself from opening these social networking sites, right?? so yeah, i did it purely for fun. to see if i have the courage to close em laptop down and not bother about other people's updates and comments and blah blah blah.

I tried hard. really. i tried. but trying hard is just not good enough i guess. I know i'm not really a hopeless addict, as sad as that may sound. I go on regularly, like 5 times a day. I don't wait for people to reply or anything cuz that's just too damn sad and pathetic. I know some people who do.

but the media does seem to be a big part of most young people's lives these days. So i'm proud to say that i can go on with life without being online. haha. (i know im exaggerating). Besides, everyone HAS a life beyond Facebook, don't they?. Besides, it's nice being offline for a while. get in touch with people the natural way (trying hard not to sound like a hypocrite.) I realised that i don't have to go on Facebook just to feel connected with friends and that's what matters most.

P/S: I just found out an uber cool way of using high-lighter while blogging. as if i've never tried this desperate attempt to catch attention. :)