and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.



At some point in one's life, 
they have a particular person who they trade souls with. 

you are with this person and they are with you, right? 
you confide in this person, 
you share secrets, you tell stories.
you laugh, you cry, and you hug and you hold these people. 
you trust them with your life and you make promises that aren't even imaginable as broken. 
you say i love you and mean it with every little bit of everyhting that has ever made you who you are. 

you dont think about anything or anyone but them, and focus is seldom when they're not around. 
when you're not talking with them, everything around you just crashes. 
you bite off your nails and tap your feet and run circles around yourself until you hear their voice again. 

days feel like years and weeks are a complete different incriment of time. 
being able to hold them is the most rewarding and reassuring feeling on the earth. 
seeing them happy makes you happy. 
seeing them sad makes you sad. 

you do silly little things that remind you of them. 
seeing pictures of you and them can make you smile and feel shattered at the same time. 
you dwell on past times with them and plan out the next time you will see them. 
they give you butterflies that have no escape until you fall asleep. But then they return in your dreams.

you draw and you write, you sing and you do sweet little things for them. 
you cry at night when you are forced to accept the fact that they're not there with you. 
and you cannot even imagine life without them. 

I have my person.

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