and it takes an I to complete this riddle. So let us hold fast to saying the same thing.


of my 127 hours with James Franco and his boulder

I recently watched 127 hours, a brilliant (spoiler much?) movie directed by Danny Boyle, also the same award-winning director of the Slumdog Millionaire fame. I'm pretty sure many of you have already watched the movie. Right?? Cuz you know you're missing out on a lot if you haven't! Just sayin. hehe. Anyways, this movie is about an adventure freak who goes on a hike one day to a huge canyon in Utah and gets his hand stuck on a big ass boulder while he was stepping between a narrow valley. He had to endure 5 days of mental and physical torture, alone in the canyon, with only his camera, video recorder, a digital watch, a dull blade, a bottle of water, and a long climbing rope, all of which won't suffice for his survival. The amputation scene in this movie is superbly realistic and left me a bit light headed after seeing all those blood. I suggest you see this yourself and see how it works out for you cuz I'm an avid horror film watcher and the sight of blood usually has little impact on me. The whole thing is completely surreal. I can actually imagine the pain that the real Aron Rolston had to face with if I was in his position. I especially enjoy the part where he had to drink his own urine. Yes, those part are always fun to watch, ain't it? ;)

I'm not gonna spoil the ending here but you can probably tell what's gonna happen next. :) If you can, that is.

127 hours is one of the best movies this year and James Franco is one hell of an amazing actor. The way he captures the mixtures of emotion is nothing short of real, and in a way, bizarrely perfect. The musical score and editing is great. Needless to say, 127 hours is a remarkably awesome movie.

James Franco is bad shit alright. :D

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